We are ehret+klein

Our goal is to create better cities. That's why we are committed to the creative transformation and revitalization of our city centers. We create identity for local people and develop future-oriented solutions that all local stakeholders can rely on. This is how we identify and raise urban potentials.

We always first look at everything from the user's perspective. That is why we include all those involved – the investor, the municipality, the tenant – in the process from the very start.

Only shared understanding will pave a common path that leads to longterm success.

We are looking for people who enjoy real estate and would like to work with us to create and maintain future-oriented urban living spaces.


06.03.2024 | Press

Ehret+Klein AG erwirbt Premium-Immobilie in Berlin

Denkmalgeschützte Immobilie in Berlin von Ehret+Klein AG erworben. Der Plan: das Potenzial der bestehenden Gewerbeflächen nachhaltig zu heben, um Attraktivität und Vielfalt am Standort zu steigern.


26.02.2024 | Press

Bündelung von Kompetenzen: ehret+klein gründet AG

Integration für noch mehr Schlagraft am Markt: ehret+klein wird eine Aktiengesellschaft. 


19.02.2024 | Press

Büro trifft auf Showroom im Münchener Osten

ehret+klein erhält Baugenehmigung für das Projekt „EGG 104“


16.02.2024 | News

ehret+klein auf der MIPIM

Vom 12.- 15. März 2024 in Cannes, Frankreich


08.02.2024 | Press

Whitepaper #01

 Stadtreparatur als kollektive Aufgabe


07.02.2024 | Press

Startschuss für das Museumsquartier in Starnberg

ehret+klein erhält Aufstellungsbeschluss


Thinking out loud


urban.matters - Das Magazin für Stadtideen No. 02

Wie die Innenstadt von morgen den Menschen ins Zentrum rückt



urban.matters – Das Magazin für Stadtideen

No 01: Der neue Investor



Wirtschaftsräume und Gewerbeflächen Neu Denken

Michael Ehret auf der cima-Dialogveranstaltung



Urban development: New urban quarter in Landsberg am Lech

Am Papierbach urban development

In Landsberg am Lech we are currently reviving a historic industrial wasteland. On the former production site, where paper was once scooped and a plow factory operated from 1891 to 2011, we are building a completely new district in the immediate vicinity of and with a view of one of the most beautiful city centers in Bavaria, which will make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life.


Revitalization of the former Ludwig Beck department store

Fürstenrieder Straße Munich

We are redeveloping the former Ludwig Beck department store in Munich's Laim district, which has been standing empty since 1991, in close consultation with politicians and residents. In the past, numerous plans for redeveloping the property failed and as a result the building at Fürstenrieder Straße 21, with its striking brick facade, has been falling into ruin.


New build office and commercial building


HEIMERAN: the new, western gateway to the center of Munich. A state-of-the-art office complex, characterized by visionary architecture, has been created at Heimeranplatz in Munich's Westend district, at the corner of Ridlerstrasse and Garmischer Strasse. Situated on the ring road, with direct access to the underground and suburban train lines, the western part of Munich gained a striking highlight that will drive the development of this charming, former working-class district forward.


Historic preservation meets the future

Mantelhaus in Cologne

In Cologne, on one of the busiest shopping streets in the middle of the city center, we are breathing new life into the well-known Mantelhaus Goertz. During the course of extensive renovation work, we intend to transform the building, which was built back in the 1950s, into a forward-looking office and commercial building. Another 1.5 stories will be added to the existing building, creating space for a rooftop terrace and a recessed story for a bar or cafe.



e+k cohub

In Starnberg, we are currently implementing an innovative co-working concept that is characterized by an out-of-the-ordinary blend of different workspaces. The long floor plan is divided into four different zones that are able to meet a wide variety of needs. This includes not only workspaces for individuals but also a meeting room for seminars at the back and an inviting lounge for relaxing in the reception area.