10 / 2018

'Who' is METROPOLIXX Greater Munich?

'Who' is METROPOLIXX Greater Munich?

What could an index for attractive locations look like?
ehret+klein adds new chapters to the Greater Munich Real Estate Market Report 2018/2019.

The region around Munich is much like a rough diamond. It embodies a blend of tradition, advanced technology, creative culture and the wonders of nature, and at the same time it offers great potential for exploring, discovering and burnishing. Nevertheless, as a project developer, we are often faced with investors and banks who want facts and hard data when it comes to investing in a project. How do we provide proof of what our intuition is telling us, namely where the investment hot spots in the Greater Munich Region can be found? And how do we develop a sustainable location?

This gave birth to the idea of publishing our own study on the real estate market in the Munich Metropolitan Region. You may already be familiar with the first Greater Munich Real Estate Market Report from 2016. Our second, 180-page updated report is now available. This time around, we have brought Dr. Heike Piasecki and her team from the Munich branch of the independent analysis company bulwiengesa on board. And together we have developed METROPOLIXX Greater Munich, a mathematical scoring model that provides sound and transparent information on where in the region it is worth investing. METROPOLIXX makes a distinction between the different potential a location offers: highly interesting, lucrative or worth developing. And, of course, the model gives due consideration to the importance of good and environmentally-friendly traffic connections, proximity to Munich and certain socio-economic prerequisites.

METROPOLIXX can do even more. It is an attractiveness index that can also be applied to other metropolitan regions. That is one of the tasks that we be tackling in the months to come: becoming acquainted with METROPOLIXX Rhine-Neckar and METROPOLIXX Nuremberg.

We hope that you will read our detailed analysis of the residential, office and commercial real estate sectors and let us know what you think. "On Potential, Hot Spots and METROPOLIXX" is the subheading of the Greater Munich Real Estate Market Report 2018/2019.

Michael Ehret