As for the future,
your task is not to
foresee it


But enable it.*

What is currently "en vogue" may soon be outdated. The world is spinning ever faster and we are spinning with it. Agile, in tune with times and always with an eye to the future. We are constantly searching for new solutions, calling existing models into question and single-mindedly focusing on new challenges.

*(Antoine de Saint Exupéry)

Our mission

Success is more than just good numbers. We want to push beyond the limits of what is possible. That is why we are constantly searching for new solutions, calling existing models into question and continuing to set new standards for everything we do. This allows us to successfully combine quality and agility and thus create products of value that not only we, but also our clients and partners, enjoy.

Our mission is to push beyond limits.

Send us your application and come join the team at ehret+klein – unsolicited applications are also welcome!

Our promise


If you want to reach for the stars, there is one thing that you need above all else – and that is passion. We offer this passion the space it needs to develop – and we are well aware that the first path taken is not always the right one. This not only allows us to create space for ideas and visions but also for mistakes from which you can learn and thus redefine the path to your objective. After all, practice makes perfect.


Flexibility and autonomy are the cornerstones of our success. After all, we want you to expand your horizons and push beyond your limits. Become a "knowledge bearer" and in your role as specialist make a significant contribution to the success of your projects and the company as a whole. If you are ready to outdo yourself, then you are the person for us!


Together we develop your career. In this way you can not only actively shape your future, but also make it possible to plan for it.
We offer our employees the security to grow with us in the long term, even if individual needs change.
For us, the future means dealing with change in an agile and transparent way, motivating our employees to actively contribute to change.

Our promise

wissen leidenschaft zukunft
  • Who we are looking for

    We are not interested in merely filling positions. At ehret+klein, we make it possible for you to develop your career. That is why we are looking for people with passion who are willing to take full advantage of their potential and push beyond their limits.

    Become an entrepreneur within the company and decide for yourself what your career at ehret+klein will look like. Ambitious, visionary and determined – these are the qualities we are looking for.

  • We offer you

    Exciting projects
    Advanced and further training
    Professional working environment
    Highest possible level of responsibility
    Exclusive corporate events and workshops
    Feel Good Management
  • Our Specials

  • "Ever since I started working at ehret+klein, I've been able to participate in and help shape numerous exciting projects. I now no longer devote all my attention to project-related activities but also help new colleagues familiarize themselves with their new job in my department."
    J. Bauer, Project Assistance
    "We work with each other not against each other."
    W. Striewski, Construction Management
    "The innovative approach to projects as well as the spirit and commitment of the team distinguishes e+k from other project developers. From the beginning, all parties are involved in the creation process before the first stroke of the pen is put on paper."
    B. Johansson, Teamleader Project Development
    "A great team in a stylish office and a high level of appreciation."
    M. Blau, Project Manager
    "ehret+klein creates a relaxed, family-like environment. People love coming to work here! The relationship between colleagues and superiors is very good and characterized by a high level of appreciation. The opportunities for further education and feel-good factors leave nothing to be desired."
    D. Kattner, Project Controlling
    "Once I completed my dual course of study, I took up a permanent position in Marketing at ehret+klein. Thanks to the initial support I received, I was able to quickly grow into my new role and now have sole responsibility for initiating and supervising my projects."
    S. Winterhoff, Marketing