We are ehret+klein

Our mission is to create something of lasting value. That is why we plan and act with an eye to the future. We manage, revitalize and optimize individual properties and real estate portfolios for our clients. And we design, plan, build and market properties and urban developments for our investors.

About e+k


Am Papierbach urban development

In Landsberg am Lech, we are currently breathing new life into an historic industrial site. We are creating an entire new urban development on a former industrial site where paper was once made, and where a plow factory was operated from 1891 to 2011. It is located in the immediate vicinity of one of Bavaria's most beautiful city centers, offering a view of the historic part of town, and will contribute significantly to improving the quality of life.


Waldquartier Friedenstal Bernau

ehret+klein is developing an idyllic residential complex with excellent transport connections to Berlin's city center in Friedenstal-Bernau. Residential buildings, with brick facades and large glass windows inspired by classic Bauhaus architecture, that blend harmoniously into the landscape with its population of old trees will be built on an almost seven-hectare plot of land.


Semmelweisstraße 1 Planegg

A scarcity of commercial space in Munich means that demand is increasingly shifting to the surrounding area, i.e. the Greater Munich Region and the Munich Metropolitan Region. In keeping with this trend, the asset manager ehret+klein identifies successful, easily accessible commercial properties that offer great potential for appreciation.


Our performances

We always first think about the user. We create buildings with talents. For our clients, partners, investors, and society.


For investors

Only shared understanding will pave a common path that leads to longterm success.


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Masterarbeit bei ehret+klein

In seiner Masterarbeit beleuchtet Andreas Bertsch, Projektleiter bei ehret+klein, die Attraktivität des ländlichen Raums für Investoren – und für die Gesellschaft.



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Michael Ehret reflects about the hot spots for real estate investing in the European metropolitan area of Munich.



Where and how will people shop in the future?

As developers we ask ourselves: How do people provide for themselves in the future? How do fitting locations and living areas look like in the future?