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Closing a gap in Worms 

Together with our joint venture partner, Senioren-Wohnen Holding GmbH, we are developing an approximately 16,400 m² site into an urban development with focus placed on cross-generational living. It is intended that space in which to live and provide care, commercial space, space for restaurants, bars and/or cafes, and space for cultural activities and a hotel be created here in successive construction phases. The original development plan created when we acquired the property will be redesigned and optimized for this purpose.

An urban development for all generations

In addition to a hotel and commercial building, the Gerberquartier will also include a number of residential buildings that meet a wide range of different needs – from practical apartments for singles to family-friendly urban villas. The plans also include the advita Campus in the center of the quarter, which will include space for assisted living, an intensive care center and shared apartments for patients with dementia. Optimization of the previous development plan also includes replacing the space in the residential buildings earmarked for parking with space for cultural activities (multifunctional neighborhood theater), bars, cafes and micro-restaurants.

Ehret+Klein GmbH

Step-by-step development – commercial space and underground car park

The Gerberquartier will be realized in three construction phases. Prior to this, the existing dilapidated underground car park, which makes up about two-thirds of the future parking space, will be renovated and later expanded to include the other lots. A hotel, a commercial building and the advita Campus will then be created in the first construction phase (highlighted in yellow). The hotel and the commercial building will also serve as a noise protection barrier for the residential buildings within.

Ehret+Klein GmbH

Step-by-step development – space for living and leisure

The first residential building (highlighted in pink) will be built once the commercial buildings and the advita Campus have been completed. This building has been given the name Wohnen am Dom and comprises approximately 80 residential units. This will be followed by the buildings in the east (highlighted in blue), which include two urban villas and the predominantly residential building block, Wohnen am Römer. It is also intended that communal areas for residents of the urban development and the city of Worms be incorporated in Wohnen am Römer.

Ehret+Klein GmbH
Sustainability that forges bonds

In Gerberquartier, we are not focusing on just ecological sustainability-related aspects, such as the integration of green roofs, solar systems and the use of environmentally-friendly sources of energy. Our aim is to create an urban quarter that provides living space that meets all needs. To do this, we are planning not only privately financed apartments but also subsidized housing units with the aim of enhancing the social mix. It is also intended that the integration of space for cultural activities, restaurants, bars and/or cafes encourage social interaction and cohesion in the urban quarter.

Facts & Figures

  • Project status

    In planning stage

  • Location

  • Uses

    Mixed use
  • Area (approximate GFA)

    36.079 m²
  • Approximate site size

    16.405 m²
  • Completion

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