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Residential space worth living in

We have created a groundbreaking residential area where everything important is within walking distance in Maisach in Fürstenfeldbruck. Mitten in Maisach is an ensemble of three residential buildings, with stores and service providers offering everyday items and services, and a commercial building with offices and doctors' practices. It is located in the center of town, within walking distance of the town hall and the suburban train station.

Well thought-out architecture

Housing is urgently needed In the municipalities surrounding Munich, but at the same time nobody wants tower blocks that would ruin their rural character. A multi-storey building ensemble has been integrated in the center of Maisach with obvious success. The three multi-storey buildings offer a total of 53 apartments. The communal roof gardens on top of the retail space and the vertical gardens serve to enhance the newly created town center. The state-of-the-art green architecture preserves the charm of the area, which comprises predominantly single and multi-family homes.

"Residential construction means creating space in which to live. Space intended for people and which provides a sense of well-being."

Hans Seidl, Mayor of Maisach

New space in which to live in the center of town

Hans Seidl, Maisach's mayor, is also happy, saying "Residential construction means creating space in which to live, space intended for people and which provides a sense of well-being. Long-term success can only be achieved by investors who are able to recognize what people need, thus creating a partnership that is based on trust."

Mitten in Maisach was completed and occupied in 2017. You will find further information here.

Facts & Figures

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    Mixed use
  • Expanse (approximate GFA)

    18.675 m²
  • Approximate plot area

    6.958 m²
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