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New build: residential and commercial building in Starnberg

New marker for entry point to the town center

An architecturally striking building marks one of the key entry points to the center of Starnberg. As one of the most important shopping streets in Starnberg, Wittelsbacherstrasse offers residential and commercial space in a central location. This enables us to ensure a lively mix in the area and promote further development of the region. Something that is very dear to our hearts.

Clean lines and great clarity

The design was created by the Munich architect Goetz Castorph, who won the design competition for the site in 2010. The facade with its bas-relief has a special charm, creating a fine play of light and shadow. We have also opened up the property in the direction of the Georgenbach, a nearby stream, excavated the water channel and added seating steps, thus making it accessible. A narrow pedestrian bridge now spans the stream.

Ehret+Klein GmbH

Facts & Figures

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    Mixed use
  • Area (approximate GFA)

    1.300 m²
  • Approximate site size

    1.138 m²
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    Resembling properties

    Passau, 2025, Offices, Commercial, Restaurants/bars/cafes, Retail, commercial housing

    Ludwigsplatz Passau


    Munich, 2021, Retail, Residential

    Renatastraße Munich