Our objective is
to create something
of lasting value

That is why we plan and act with an eye to the long term.

A business model that is currently a success may soon be outdated. The world is spinning ever faster and we are spinning with it. Agile and in tune with the times, we adapt to new circumstances, i.e. the needs of our clients and tenants. And to outside constraints and developments – from sustainability to demographics. There is only one thing that we will never change: what we do, we do with passion.

Sustainability at ehret+klein

ehret+klein understands sustainability to be a continually changing entity and an integral part of corporate strategy. We pursue a holistic approach to sustainability that takes account of social, ecological and economic aspects and gives due consideration to the needs of each and every stakeholder. This enables us to create something lasting that offers added value to entire generations.
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Sustainability at ehret+klein


ehret+klein designs something of lasting value to society. With this in mind, we include all the parties involved in our planning and anticipate future needs today.
Economic value

Economic value

We apply standards that enable us to achieve sustainable profitability. This means creating space that ensures long-term, stable and healthy growth. We leave something of lasting value to future generations.


We aspire to design trend-setting urban developments. This means promoting a forward-looking approach to natural resources. Sustainable energy and mobility concepts are an integral part of our thinking when it comes to designing urban developments.


Sustainability influences not only our actions but also our identity as a company. Each and every day, we work together as a team to create a future worth living in. For society as a whole, for our clients and partners, and for us.
  • Who we are

    We always have our eye on the big picture and give careful thought to every detail – from active research to planning permission, from the development of individual user concepts to the sale of properties. When it comes to managing our projects, we maintain an outstanding network of carefully selected local partners with whom we work on the basis of mutual trust.

  • How we think

    Questioning things and scrutinizing what we have learned over and over again is part of our philosophy. We never lose sight of the objective, namely developing trendsetting urban living spaces. Depending on the required expertise, different specialists work together in function-oriented project teams in order to bundle the greatest possible potential.


  • Our values

    Ehret+Klein GmbH - Face-to-face


    Communication is the key to success. This is why we encourage a transparent, face-to-face exchange of information and ideas, both within the company and with our clients and partners.

    Ehret+Klein GmbH - Responsibility


    It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.* That is why we look at properties time and again with fresh eyes over their entire lifecycle. This is our way of assuming responsibility for the environment, the economy and society as a whole.

    *John Baptiste Moliere

    Ehret+Klein GmbH - Visionary


    We see ourselves as visionaries who constantly question, analyze and investigate. We remain agile and flexible at all times – always on the lookout for innovative solutions. Because we want to tread new paths.

    Ehret+Klein GmbH - Opportunities


    Before we start planning a property, we first of all turn our attention to the potential that a location offers and the demands it makes. This allows us to develop integrated solutions that take account of future trends today.