Our mission
is to create
lasting value

That is why we plan and act with an eye to the long term.

Those who want to think forward are those who have to be prepared to break existing rules. This is why when it comes to real estate, for example, we start with a vision rather than plans for the architecture. Social-ecological energy and utilization concepts are very important to us, not merely an obligation. We look at a property time and again with fresh eyes and from different perspectives and in a spatial context – to ensure a profitable lifecycle.

Sustainability at ehret+klein

ehret+klein understands sustainability to be a continually changing entity and an integral part of corporate strategy. We pursue a holistic approach to sustainability that takes account of social, ecological and economic aspects and gives due consideration to the needs of each and every stakeholder. This enables us to create something lasting that offers added value to entire generations.
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Sustainability at ehret+klein


ehret+klein designs something of lasting value to society. With this in mind, we include all the parties involved in our planning and anticipate future needs today.
Economic value

Economic value

We apply standards that enable us to achieve sustainable profitability. This means creating space that ensures long-term, stable and healthy growth. We leave something of lasting value to future generations.


We aspire to design trend-setting urban developments. This means promoting a forward-looking approach to natural resources. Sustainable energy and mobility concepts are an integral part of our thinking when it comes to designing urban developments.


Sustainability influences not only our actions but also our identity as a company. Each and every day, we work together as a team to create a future worth living in. For society as a whole, for our clients and partners, and for us.
  • Who we are

    Our mission is to create something of lasting value

    We create value throughout all phases of a property's life cycle. ehret+klein is an interdisciplinary, highly skilled team of around 75 engineers, commercial experts, project developers and specialists. Each and every day we work to develop properties and preserve their value over the long term. We maintain an outstanding network of selected local partners with whom we work together on the basis of mutual trust.

    • Individual
    • Transparent
    • Competent
    • Holistic
  • What we do

    ehret+klein combines the disciplines of asset management with the development of properties and urban districts: We manage, revitalise and optimise individual properties and property portfolios for our clients. For investors, we create, plan, build and market properties and quarters.

    By considering the entire life cycle of a property, we combine strategic planning work with creative and intelligent approaches. This enables us to offer a new level of competence, enabling us to successfully implement even very complex and challenging tasks for our clients.


  • Unsere Werte

    Ehret+Klein GmbH - Persönlich


    Kommunikation ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg. Darum fördern wir den persönlichen und transparenten Austausch, sowohl untereinander, als auch mit unseren Kunden und Partnern.

    Ehret+Klein GmbH - Verantwortung


    Wir sind nicht nur verantwortlich für das, was wir tun, sondern auch für das, was wir nicht tun. Daher betrachten wir Immobilien über ihren gesamten Lebenszyklus hinweg. So übernehmen wir Verantwortung für die Umwelt, die Wirtschaft und die Gesellschaft.

    Ehret+Klein GmbH - Visionär


    Wir verstehen uns als Visionäre, die fortwährend hinterfragen, durchleuchten und forschen. Dabei bleiben wir stets agil und flexibel – immer auf der Suche nach innovativen Lösungen. Denn wir möchten lesen, was noch nicht geschrieben wurde.

    Ehret+Klein GmbH - Möglichkeiten


    Bevor wir uns mit der Planung einer Immobilie beschäftigen, widmen wir uns zu aller erst dem Potenzial sowie den Bedürfnissen eines Standortes. So entwickeln wir ganzheitliche Lösungen, die bereits heute zukünftige Entwicklungen berücksichtigen.