Our mission
is to create
lasting value

That is why we plan and act with an eye to the long term.

Those who want to think forward are those who have to be prepared to break existing rules. This is why when it comes to real estate, for example, we start with a vision rather than plans for the architecture. And social-ecological energy and utilization concepts are very important to us, not merely an obligation. We look at a property time and again with fresh eyes and from different perspectives and in a spatial context – to ensure a profitable lifecycle.

Who we are

We create value throughout all the phases of a property's lifecycle.

ehret+klein is an interdisciplinary, highly skilled team of approximately 60 engineers, commercial experts, project developers and specialists. Each and every day, we work to develop properties and preserve their value over the long term. We maintain an outstanding network of selected local partners with whom we collaborate on the basis of mutual trust.

  • Individual
  • Transparent
  • Competent
  • Holistic
What we do

ehret+klein combines asset and property management with the development of real estate and urban quarters. We manage, revitalize and optimize individual properties and real estate portfolios for our clients. We design, plan, build and market properties and urban developments for investors.

The fact that we look at the entire lifecycle of a property allows us to combine strategic planning work with a creative and intelligent approach. This in turn enables us to offer a whole new level of expertise that makes it possible for us to successfully implement even very complex and challenging projects for our clients.


Who we work for

Our clients are national and international family offices, private investors, national and international corporations and investment companies. Each client has a contact person who manages their property or portfolio.
Our team comprises people who not only have a passion for real estate but who are also committed to providing maximum openness, integrity and strength of purpose. The founders of ehret+klein take this commitment one step further by also investing in most projects.

„"Long-term success can only be achieved by investors who are able to recognize what people need, thus creating a partnership that is based on trust."“

Hans Seidl, Mayor of Maisach

We are ehret+klein

From A to Z – Our team members introduce themselves. We are pleased to meet you.

Learn more about the ehret+klein team culture.

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M. Ehret

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A. Indra

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S. Klein

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e+k team culture

e+k teams - functional, agile, and holistically competent

It is our passion, to develop and manage successful projects in a sustainable way. Depending on the required expertise, various specialists work together in dynamic teams. These teams are determined to establish a direct communication and to ask the right questions to minimize complexity and find a joint solution. The world turns faster and faster,  in a less predictive way - so we stay agile and turn with it. We recognize and follow new circumstances - tenants' needs and customers' expectations, infrastructural challenges and new trends within the sector.  There is just one thing we will never change: what we do, we do with passion.

e+k team culture

Interne Workshops + Fortbildungen: Laufend lernen

Wir legen viel Wert auf die interne Qualifizierung und den regelmäßigen teamübergreifenden Austausch. Denn wir optimieren laufend unsere Geschäftsprozesse und bereiten uns im Team auf die vielfältigen und immer wieder neuen Aufgaben vor. In unseren sechs bis acht Workshops pro Jahr werden wichtige Fachthemen vorgestellt und in Kleingruppen vertieft; externe Referenten oder Geschäftspartner bereichern die Fortbildung. Bei gemeinsamen sportlichen Aktivitäten oder kulinarischen und kulturellen Incentives fördern wir den Teamgeist und den ganzheitlichen Ausgleich bei ehret+klein. 

e+k team culture

Das e+k Vertrauensteam für internen Dialog und Transparenz

In den über 10 Jahren seit der Gründung von ehret+klein ist das Team von 3 auf rund 60 Mitarbeiter gewachsen: eine Herausforderung an die interne Kommunikation und die flachen Hierarchien. Auf Anregung der Gründer und Geschäftsführer Michael Ehret und Stefan Klein wurde - neben den funktionsorientierten Projektteams - das Vertrauensteam im August 2018 aus der Taufe gehoben. Gewählt wurde das fünfköpfige Team von allen Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern aus allen Kompetenzbereichen, um als zentrale Ansprechpartner für Kritik und Anregungen zu unternehmensrelevanten Fragestellungen zu agieren. Und die Geschäftsführer informieren das Vertrauensteam beispielsweise über strategische und unternehmenspolitische Überlegungen.